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The Garden Continuum Launches New Online Landscape Education Resource

We're proud to announce the launch of The Garden Continuum's new web platform called TGC Academy. This new service offers information to help landscape professionals and garden enthusiasts become better gardeners and to support business owners to grow their business. 

At the time of this launch, many people find themselves at home because of state and local travel restrictions caused by the spread of COVID-19. To take your mind off of these world events, this may be the perfect time to explore this new resource, to learn something new, and to inspire your next actions in your garden or business.

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Book Launch: Stop Landscaping. Start Life-Scaping.

I am excited to release my new book out into the world with its official launch on this special day. March 23rd is my mother’s birthday and it’s been two years since her passing. She was an instrumental guide and teacher throughout my writing journey, editing my very first printed newsletters and encouraging me to find and own my unique voice. 

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Why you need a new book on landscape design and construction

I get asked on a regular basis by people far and wide to design a Life-Scape for them. That’s a term I use to refer to a more integrated landscape design based on the land itself, the environment in which it exists, and how the property owner wishes to utilize it in a positive way. 

Unfortunately, I am limited to my local area and it is hard to travel so I cannot fulfill these requests. Consequently, many ask me to recommend other designers to create a landscape for them with my Life-Scape approach. That’s another request that I cannot satisfy because I come up short identifying landscaping professionals who approach landscape design and construction the way I do. The only reasonable answer was to write a book about this method.

For over three decades I have been intimately involved in landscape design, maintenance, and management. During those many years, I have learned an enormous amount about how to design, build and maintain landscapes from both formal training and in-field experience. I feel blessed that all of this has helped me gain a solid business reputation with satisfied clients and a certain amount of visibility in the industry. 

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Podcast: Monique Allen | LifeScaper and Dream Builder

How cool is this? I was featured on a   podcast  this spring! As a business owner, I'm always thinking about how to do business better. And, as a landscape professional, I am committed to improving the services we deliver so that we can be sure that our clients are getting outstanding results. To that end, I spend a fair amount of my winter researching new ideas and innovations so that I can improve The Garden Continuum's practices. 
It was during one of these afternoon research sessions that I stumbled upon a podcast called the   Hub of Success. I listened to a couple of episodes and thought, wow, this is a cool show! So, I decided to research the host. Low and behold...he's a fellow Armenian...so I was immediately intrigued. Come to find out he's also the owner of an IT business called,   Applied Synergy Group ... and down the rabbit hole, I went. I invited him out to visit TGC and give us a pitch on how we could improve our IT experience. Turns out, David Elmasian is a passionate business enthusiast and his podcast is dedicated to highlighting businesses that are pushing the envelope of status quo to reach new plateaus of success. We hit it off like long lost cousins in a flash and ended up entrenched in a vibrant discussion about business. So, he invited me to be his guest and   I'm sharing the session with you here!
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6 Things to Ensure the Perfect Garden Bed Edges

If you’re a gardener or a homeowner with foundation beds, perennial beds or mixed planting borders, chances are you’re already familiar to some degree with the task of edging – the creation of a defining line between one landscape feature and another, such as a lawn and a garden. There is nothing quite like a beautifully cut edge that adds clear boundaries, definition, and neatness to a landscaped area. 
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7 Habits of Successful Waterers

The single most important resource in landscape care is water. In varying degree all plants need water to survive and thrive. So it stands to reason that my single biggest frustration as a landscape professional is convincing landscape owners to pay attention to watering. So much time, money, and frustration can be saved with just a little attention toward proper watering practices.

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Landscape Field Videos: How to Prune a Yew

Yew = Taxus in Latin

...and there are many species to choose from. This plant however gets pretty bad reviews time and time again from home and business owners. It is unfair really, because its "ugliness" is not its fault at all! Yews look ugly because they are pruned incorrectly ALL THE TIME! They are sheared to within an inch of their lives - into balls, cones, and even squares. Now what plant out in nature ever grew into the shape of a square? No wonder these poor plants are loathed. Just look at this natural shape and size. What's not to love? This plant is totally hand pruned.

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How to Build a Walkway - Landscape Video Blog

How to Build a Walkway

The Garden Continuum's Design/Build Team finished up a patio project last week in Wellesley. In order to connect the new patio in the backyard, we installed a pea-stone walkway that connects the front of the house to the back patio. Check out the video and pictures below to see the process.

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How to Edge Your Lawn

How to Edge a Garden Bed

April is quickly coming to a close and The Garden Continuum has been very busy with landscape renovations, projects and maintenance. This week, TGC's video blog focuses on how to edge your lawn and garden beds. Check out the video below for some great tips.

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Landscape Field Videos: How to Transplant a Shrub

How to Transplant a Shrub

This week, The Garden Continuum demonstrates how to transplant a shrub. Fall is perfect for renovating your gardens and with the cooler weather, your shrubs and trees transplant with far less stress. Check out the video below to see a recent transplant.

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