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    Garden Dreamscape

    Garden DreamScape

    A Life-ScapeTM for garden lovers is filled with a dynamic array of plants that each come to life in a cycle through the growing season. The real joy in a garden dreamscape is that it keeps changing.  The fresh beauty of spring rolls into the hot explosion of summer. The sultry late summer evolves into the crisp colors of fall. Then the winter comes and blankets the landscape highlighting the forms and shapes. It is impossible to get bored with Nature when you weave layered plantings including lots of native species with well-planned living and walking spaces.

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    The development of this Franklin property began in 1997 and continues on today.  

    This landscape started out as a full sun, barren sand pit covered over with weeds and brush. Over the years, hundreds of yards of organic soils and nutrients were brought in to introduce life where it had been stripped from many years of gravel mining. An organic lawn with Dutch white clover was introduced, and many gardens were added where before there was a thin weedy cover over sand. Elements added over the years were a pond, a long meandering woodland path, a large vegetable garden, and an expansive patio area for lounging. 

    The continued addition of native vegetation slowly brought the eco-system back to life. Layers of plants from creeping groundcovers up to tall shade trees have invited all kinds of animals from bees and butterflies, to rabbits and foxes, to song birds and hawks to use the land as habitat. Each year there is a new surprise and a new challenge. It is a true dreamscape that offers incredible beauty, diversity and habitat in an otherwise sterilized suburb. 

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