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    Pool Side paradise

    There's nothing more inviting than cool water to jump into on a hot day, but what about the rest of the days of the year? You want your poolside to say "WOW" every time you look outside. Whether swimming or sunbathing, grilling or kicking back with an iced tea, this space should be a show piece that brings you joy every single time you look upon it. It should beckon you to come outside and take a breather from the fast pace of your day.

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    This Canton client was considering a pool for their back yard, but with a small area to work with, they were feeling stuck about how to fit it in without crowding out all other living activities. We worked with them and their pool contractor to design their dream pool. Then we designed a pool deck, pool shed and surrounding gardens that would make the yard feel like the pool has always been there. In order to make this addition work seamlessly with the house, we teamed up with our builder to move the back door and add two sets of windows. This ensured that the flow from inside to outside was intuitive and comfortable. Each element in this design flows effortlessly from one to the next making this a true home paradise!

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