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    I love to garden and totally love plants. Nature is my most trusted ally. To me and these wonderful podcast hosts, there is nothing better than time in the garden, creating beautiful outdoor spaces, and getting our hands dirty, especially when we know that our work supports pollinators, our planet, and maybe even puts the breaks on climate change.

    In these varied podcasts, the hosts and I talk about everything from my Life-Scape Method to our favorite plants to grow, our problem-solving tips, and what we’ve learned from paying close attention to nature at large and our gardens in particular. We bat around ideas for how we can use regenerative practices to sequester carbon and we share tips for building new partnerships with professionals that help us get the most out of our landscapes.

    Please check out other episodes from some of these podcast hosts. They are bringing incredible guests on their shows to help give a broader perspective about gardening and following nature’s wisdom. I’ve learned a lot and been pointed in new directions from some of the tips shared on these podcasts. My most recent adventure is becoming a host for two honey bee hives in my personal gardens. It's just never boring when you stay open to new ideas!


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