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    Welcoming Front Yard

    welcoming front yard

    Your front yard is the your calling card to the neighborhood. “Curb Appeal” alone has inspired a whole conversation on HGTV and in the Real Estate industry. Curb appeal sells houses! How you “look” to the world may not be the most important key to happiness, but when you feel joyful about your home, knowing your neighbors appreciate your efforts and feel your kids smile when they share, “That’s my house” with pride, then taking the time to make this part of your property special is more than just financially rewarding. 

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    This Wellesley home was overgrown with large rhododendrons that completely blocked the beautiful architecture. The front walk was an old bluestone path sloped uncomfortably to the street. The materials were great – just overgrown or out of place. We carefully dug up the valuable mature plants and moved them to the edges of the property for screening. We removed and carefully stockpiled all the bluestone. The front slope was graded to accommodate some granite steps, then we refitted the lovely aged bluestone to the new walk layout. We preserved the mature trees in the front and planted around them to make them feel a part of the new landscape. The foundation plants are smaller and will be managed to hover under the windowsills to frame the house rather than obscure it. All the roof leaders were sunk underground into a dry well to assist with groundwater recharge and prevent erosion through the beds and icing on the driveway. The soft plant choices and dappled shade make this a calming and welcoming site after a long day. The new layout enhances the beautiful architecture giving spectacular curb appeal.


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