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    Residential Landscapes

    Home is the epicenter of our lives. It's where we rest and nourish ourselves. It's where family memories are made. Our clients are deeply focused on family and community as an important part of their life experience. They like to entertain and enjoy their home with family and friends. A Life-Scape™ is a surefire way to enhance those experiences and to let a little nature into the fun! 

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    10 Essential Elements of A Spectacular Landscape

    Commercial Landscapes

    Whenever we gather many people to one location – whether it be an office building or a large condo complex, or a retirement village – the importance of the outdoors becomes amplified. There are many people to satisfy, so the landscape should be a dynamic mix of beauty, health, and function that caters to all while serving the enviroment. Discriminating property managers understand that a well designed and cared for landscape is more than good business that draws in their perfect tenant or resident. A commercial Life-Scape is a way to ensure that people feel happy and proud to work or live at your establishment! 

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    Smart Landscape Design Strategies for Office and Residential Buildings

    Environmental Sustainability

    Our environment is both delicate and resilient it its ability to handle what we dish out on a daily basis. We have an obligation to be aware of the areas that are the most sensitive to our actions – like wetlands and areas that support endangered species. Awareness is ever increasing and the efforts to do right by our planet are becoming more prevalent as that awareness grows. Many of our residential, commercial and government clients know that it is only possible to put forth their best efforts when they collaborate with experts to ensure that Nature is being served by the projects they want and need to accomplish. Through understanding the laws that protect our environment, the creative and scientific methods of problem solving with our ecological systems, and the pathway for obtaining necessary approvals from governing bodies, we are able to deliver successful solutions for the most challenging projects. 

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    Navigate State and Local Environmental Regulations Like a Pro!
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    Complimentary Landscape Discovery Session

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