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    Seasonal Decor

    The three elements of a Life-Scape are: Organized ~ Healthy ~ Wow-Factor. Decor is how you amp up the WOW to the highest level. It’s how you express style and increase your joy! So consider bringing seasonal decor features into your life to boost the color, fragrance, and Wow of your Life-Scape .  

    Planters are a wonderful way to keep a pop of color going in all four seasons.  We plant starting in early spring to bring color to your doorways or create a vignette out a favorite window. The summer and fall displays are lush and colorful, overflowing with exciting horticultural expressions that can include both floral and culinary garden interest. Wintergreen planter displays are a highly effective way of beating off the dreary winter months. Create beautiful bouquets of live greens, cut branches, berries and interesting decorations in exciting combinations.

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    • 13-Winter-Greens-whole-display.jpg
    • 14-Winter-Greens-planters-wreath.jpg

    The fun thing about planters is that they are accents in the garden. They become focal points to your outside landscape and they can raise or expand the visual space, while at the same time letting you try different types of plants each season.  

    The Garden Continuum can set you up with planters so you can plant them on your own. We can also plant them for you - for one season or all four. We also offer varying levels of service to keep your planters looking fresh and healthy throughout the season.

    Do you have a holiday party or celebration to plan? We will work with you to ensure your landscape is beyond expectations and full of WOW!!! If you like to go over the top for the holidays, we’ve got lights, baubles and ribbons galore to make your landscape shine in celebration.

    The beauty of adding Decor to your landscape: you can start with just one planter. Add one per year until you have all areas covered. It’s the easiest and most convertible landscape element, so there’s no reason not to have a little splash of Wow!

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