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    Our Garden Blogging Mission

    We hope this blog will provide a place for everyone interested in landscape development to find practical, straight forward information about creating and maintaining the garden of their dreams.

    The Garden Continuum has been a successful landscape firm since 2000. As the company founder, I have been actively engaged in the gardening profession since 1986. There is no doubt that the time has come to reach beyond the confines of the drafting table and company walls and share our collective gardening wisdom with anyone who wants to succeed in their landscape.

    If we've learned one thing, it's this:  Lots of well-meaning people spend lots of time and money on improving their homes and gardens and FAIL. Very few of us have time to spare or money to burn in this economy.


    "Landscaping" may look EASY...especially if you watch DIY TV. 

    Truth is building a landscape and then caring for it for the long haul is HARD. Hard work that requires attention to three important phases:

    1. Planning & Design
    2. Land Preparation & Construction
    3. Plant Acclimation & Aftercare

    SKIMP in any phase and you may FAIL with dead or dying soil, sad plants that won't thrive, or an unstable hardscape.


    The Garden Continuum can spare you this experience; we can make the hard work SIMPLE. But simple does not always mean easy. What we need to do is this:
    • Demystify the SCIENCE
    • Unlock the ART
    • Invite the FUNCTION
    Waldsteinia, first frost
    SIMPLE means ensuring a SUCCESSFUL and synergistic outcome by using strategies and best practices that anyone can learn and employ if they care to.
    SILVER BULLET: Though we've searched for 25 years, the truly easy landscape has never materialized. The SWEAT FACTOR cannot be eliminated!
    In the mean time, let's work together using this forum to learn and explore some possibilities. Regardless of your approach (Do It Yourself, or Contract It Out), each posting will offer a LANDSCAPE LESSON with... 
    Renters * Homeowners * Business Owners * Property Managers


    Help you assess and analyze your own unique landscape and gardening challenges, opportunities, and constraints.
    We want this blog to inspire you to get outside and interact with your landscape, talk to your landscape professionals, and to dream up new ways to maximize the sustainability of your environment.
    YOUR FEED BACK: We want it!
    The landscape learning curve is steep and long and we are on it with you. Let's cut the time, spare the disappointment and dive in together and have FUN doing it!
    Demystify Your Landscape by Learning to Pick Plants