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    Masonry & Hardscape

    When contemplating adding a fine masonry element into your landscape, you want to ensure that it will be woven into the overall landscape so that the end result is pleasing. This is done by providing proper and functional proportion to the building and to the surrounding land features. You want to create a seamless flow between stone and plant features. To accomplish this outcome all possibilities must be explored before stone is selected or shovels hit the ground.

    Hardscape elements in your landscape allow you to transcend the inner walls of your home and move out into a natural, green space to get fresh air and gather with friends and family. The tranquility of a Life-Scape comes from the unique balance and thoughtful combination of weaving hardscape within the natural surroundings.

    The result of thorough planning and well-executed masonry construction - whether it be sitting or retaining walls, patios, steps, walks or landings - ensures minimal maintenance and maximum pleasure throughout the future of this newly created environment.

    • 1-BEFORE-stone-wall.jpg
    • 2-AFTER-stone-wall.jpg
    • 3-DURING-back-patio.jpg
    • 4-AFTER-back-patio.jpg
    • 5-DURING-fieldstone-wall.jpg
    • 6-AFTER-fieldstone-wall.jpg
    • 7-BEFORE-backyard-walkways.jpg
    • 8-AFTER-backyard-walkways.jpg
    • 9-DURING-driveway-wall.jpg
    • 10-AFTER-driveway-wall.jpg
    • 11-BEFORE-front-wall.jpg
    • 12-AFTER-front-wall.jpg

    When a project is looked at as a whole, we can ensure that there is flow between all the elements.  We offer handcrafted hardscape landscape features in combination with other gifted craftspeople so that the installation process time is minimized.

    Upon completion there is a true cohesive rhythm in the new creation. Our hardscape solutions are uniquely designed for you and your individual style and landscape. We pride ourselves in building structures that have longevity and can withstand the weather fluctuations of heat and frost that are typical for New England. The rhythm of well-balanced materials is not only calming, but so pleasing to the eye, and we hope, a feature that will give you great joy for many years.

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