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      Residential, Commercial & Environmental Services

      The Garden Continuum delivers complete landscape design, construction and fine gardening services with our dedicated team and professional partners. 

    The Garden Continuum Process

    Our process is a dynamic system of interconnected disciplines that are applied in an organic fashion to ensure that the unfolding of your project takes into consideration all facets of your life, all the nuances of your property, the delicate balance between the environment and industry best practices.


    01 Discovery
    We want to hear all about what you need, want and wish for your property. By gathering vital information about you and your unique piece of land, we have a powerful starting point to dive into design, or craft a land care program that best fits your needs.

    02 Design
    Creating a Life-ScapeTM is about aligning our skills  with your desires to provide you with the best solution to meet your goals.

    03 Build
    As landscape contractors, we know that construction can be stressful, so we build your landscape in a time-efficient and predictable manner, making each step easy and painless for you. 

    04 Care
    The best landscape outcomes are achieved when follow-up care and stewardship of your land are a part of the package. 

    We have a Fine Gardening division that will partner with you to support the work you do, or take it all off your hands. 

    05 Education
    Our environment is always evolving and changing, so we work hard to keep up to date. We love to share information about new science, best landscape practices, professional tips & techniques, and industry skill-building through blog articles, e-books, online training, and live coaching services.

    The Garden Continuum's
    10 Essential Elements of a Spectacular Landscape
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    We are proud of our worK

    It is easy to understand why we love our work, when you have had an opportunity to visit some of our properties. We hope these project snippets give you inspiration.

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    • spring whole house landscape
    • summer planters
    • back yard patio
    • back yard walkways
    • drivewal wall
    Demystify Your Landscape by Learning How to Pick Plants!

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     Complimentary Landscape Discovery Session  
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