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    Pocket Parks

    One of the many unique features of a pocket park is its sustainable design. It is intentionally designed to evolve over time, with plants specifically selected to grow in such a way that they will require less maintenance, fertilizer, and water as they mature. The park will look very different in just three years – and even more so in five -- as the plants fill out and act as a visual and physical buffer between the park and the surrounding streets and commercial properties, including an adjacent parking lot.

    • 1-BEFORE-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 2-BEFORE-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 3-DURING-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 4-DURING-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 5-DURING-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 7-DURING-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 6-DURING-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 8-DURING-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 9-DURING-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 10-DURING-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 11-DURING-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 12-DURING-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 13-AFTER-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 14-AFTER-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 15-AFTER-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 16-AFTER-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 17-AFTER-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 18-AFTER-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 19-PARTY-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 20-PARTY-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 21-PARTY-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 22-BULBS-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 23-BULBS-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 24-SPRING-CLEAN-UP-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 25-SPRING-CLEAN UP-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 26-SPRING-CLEAN-UP-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 27-FALL-CLEAN-UP-Pocket-Park.jpg
    • 28-FALL-CLEAN-UP-Pocket-Park.jpg

    To learn more about this unique park project you can read about it here --  Case Study: Straw Hat Park, Medfield, MA 

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