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    We believe that happy people grow the best landscapes AND careers!

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    When you love what you do, you get caught smiling even when you're workin' hard!

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Choosing your workplace is IMPORTANT

Do you know where you spend 60% of your day...at work!

Most of us spend more time at work than with family and friends combined, so it should be an uplifting and satisfying place to spend all that time!

The Garden Continuum is not your average landscape company.

  • We are energetic, driven, and hardworking professionals - of all levels.
  • We enjoy each other and our work - so it’s fun.
  • We know that safety & skill building are important - so we invest in it.

A functional, successful, and profitable company is directly connected to team morale and the desire to feel proud of our work, performance, and company.

Now doesn't this sound like someplace you'd like to spend 60% of your day?


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Benefits of working at TGC

The Garden Continuum Experiential Benefits


The Garden Continuum focuses on your experience as the central indicator of satisfaction because without positive experience it’s impossible to feel happiness.

  • RELATIONSHIPS - you need to feel safe and trusted
  • PRIDE - you want to anticipate the good work you and your team will do
  • LIFESTYLE - your free time matters - we understand and respect that
  • HEALTH - you need a safe work environment and support for a healthy lifestyle
  • FUN - you want to have some fun each day because happiness matters



Competitive wage & advancement structure

  • Paid Time Off - Holiday, Vacation, Sick Time, Bereavement
  • Education & Certification Stipends
  • Uniform & Tool Allotments
  • Cell Phone Stipend
  • Health Insurance & Health Savings Account
  • Eye Care Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Retirement Planning with Company Matching
  • Company Outings & Events

“If it isn’t fun...something isn’t right.”



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We've mapped out each production position stage with measurable criteria for advancement, allowing for predictable wage increases and promotions.
We want each individual to take their career advancement in the green industry seriously. Active skill building, self-directed learning, and proactive application of new skills is the way to grow as a landscape professional and a person.
Come be a part of the TGC Team and see what it's like to work for a company where the people are a priority!

Field Staff
Field staff advances through three levels of training to learn all about the TGC Production Way in order to become proficient at the “Doing” of the work.


Crew Leader
Crew leaders advance through three levels of training to hone their production skills and to become adept at time management and team guidance.


Account Manager
Account managers advance through two levels of training to become adept at property assessments, relationship building, and results delivery.


Domain Expert
We encourage employees to find what ignites your passion and then focus skill building efforts in that area to improve work experience and satisfaction.

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