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    Corporate Sceneries

    The commercial landscape environment has a deep impact on people every day. These landscapes are often large and expansive. They have the opportunity to be more than a palliative “greening” of a parking lot or building façade. They can instead be an oasis of nature and health in the midst of the urban setting.

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    This corporate campus has won national awards for being a distinctly environmental solution to the corporate environment by using native species, layered plantings and limited turf areas and for being managed utilizing organic land care methods. Every season offers a new plant experience from the first emergence of bulbs and perennials, to the layered flowering of trees and shrubs, to the seasonal addition of annuals to boost the color experience. The parking lot is surrounded by Elms and Sweetgums and nestled in layers of ornamental grasses that reduce the “Heat Island” effect of so much asphalt. The employee break area draws workers and visitors outside to enjoy a patio that is engulfed in tall River Birches that make you forget that you are in a parking lot or at work at all! 


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