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    • About The Garden Continuum

      About The Garden Continuum

      Our commitment to partnership means working hand in hand with you and the environment to create places of health and beauty.


    The Garden Continuum Story

    Since 1991 The Garden Continuum has made it our mission to understand how the best landscape practices meet up with the needs of the environment and the dreams of our clients to uniquely transform and improve their outdoor experiences with nature. 

    From the conceptual beginnings of an idea through to the long-term care many years later, we work through the whole process in partnership with you to ensure longevity, vitality, and beauty for your home or business.

    Central to this mission is a set of core values which inform our daily actions. Simply put the values we share at The Garden Continuum are to meet each day as Eco‑Minded Friends of Nature, with a Dedication to Kindness and Gratitude in all Relationships and an Adherence to Accountable Practices. We are perpetually Open to Learning, and have a full‑on Commitment to Live in Joy and Abundance!  

    The Garden Continuum's Commitment to Community


    Central to our mission is our dedication to kindness and gratitude. There is so much to be grateful for on a day to day basis and many ways to deliver kindness into our world.

    The Garden Continuum participates in community outreach projects through financial support, idea and planning support, volunteer board and committee engagement, and sometimes we are even lucky enough to be involved to build really cool projects for people who really deserve a helping hand!

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    The Garden Continuum team

    At The Garden Continuum, we are really proud of our eclectic team of professionals.

    Together we represent well over 100 years of experience and commitment to the Green Industry. Among us we share over 30 degrees, certifications, and accreditations that support our efforts to learn everything we can about this vast industry and keep up on the ever-changing and evolving information in the environmental sciences. 

    • We actively participate in CEU courses, seminars and special industry training events with State and National Associations like MLP, ELA, MACC, MAA, NALP, NOFA, and ICPI.  
    • We engage in legislative activities to balance the protection of our environment with the high standards of ethical business practices.  
    • Our rigorous internal training practices ensure that we are compliant with OSHA standards and have our employee, client and public safety in mind at all times.   

    Monique Allen

    CEO & Creative Director

    Company founder and developer of the unique TGC Life-ScapeTM systems.


    Shelly Dupuis

    Corporate Affairs Manager

    Manages the health of the corporate environment to ensure smooth operations.


    JoAnna Thomson

    Client Contract Manager

    Dedicated to ensuring that our client service promises are kept and obligations met to perfection.


    Marsha Keith

    Employee Experience Manager

    Keeping our crew on the top of their game through skill building and safety training. Fleet Administrative Assistant.


    Mike Thompson

    Field Manager & Arborist

    Managing production flow, job site planning, & fleet management. Crew mentoring and training using over 40 years of industry experience.


    Adam Prata

    Project Manager & Estimator

    Project estimating and development management using 30 years of business leadership and landscape installation skills.


    Robert D’Eramo

    Hardscape Design & Project Manager

    Managing project development using 50 years of creative passion for stone and beautiful environments on every project.


    Jennifer Hartman

    CAD Operator & Design Assistant

    Turning ideas into buildable plans, so we can make our client’s dreams come true.


    Lindsey Sumner

    Crew Leader & Horticulturist

    A science enthusiast bringing a love of plants, soils, and natural environments to the development of our operating procedures and soil health protocols, crew leadership.


    Sheila Fitzgerald

    Crew Leader & Decor Designer

    A perennial enthusiast and decor diva who brings her distinct design flair and TLC attitude to each and every garden and planter.


    Chris Isaacs

    Staff Gardener

    Brings floral and decor creativity to each property and diligently works to support the Fine Gardening teams.


    Jordan Lashley

    Staff Gardener & Installer

    Shares his high energy, positivity, and love of nature with every crew member & garden.

    Owner of Burning Wheel Yoga School.


    Maranda Allen

    Video Productions

    Creative producer, videographer, and editor of TGC marketing and blog video library.


    Garden Enthusiasts Wanted!

    Calling all gardeners.

    No matter your experience level. If you want to learn gardening, apply today.


    Garden Enthusiasts Wanted!

    Calling all gardeners.

    No matter your experience level. If you want to learn gardening, apply today.


    Garden Enthusiasts Wanted!

    Calling all gardeners

    No matter your experience level. If you want to learn gardening, apply today. 


    Building a great team is not that different from building a great landscape. At the Garden Continuum, we design and plan for synergy, efficiency, and long-term success. We are passionate about what we do and are always looking for great people to join our team!

    Our core values guide our success by keeping us aware of five critical elements that are central to all we aim to achieve: Nature, People, Systems, Education and Self. By aligning our awareness with these elements, we know that we are traveling on the path of good work made fun!

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