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    Side yard Patio Escape

    Sometimes the most successful setting for a landscape feature is exactly where you could never imagine it. Sound weird?
    Well, maybe so, but when you consider the purpose and function of any landscape feature, you'll realize that the best location may break the conventions of standard, cookie-cutter construction.
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    Existing Conditions
    There was no patio at this home when we met the client. Only a tiny deck off the kitchen, big enough for a table and four chairs and a grill. They did a home renovation years before we met and this deck was a part of the kitchen reno - no chance they were changing it. While it functioned as planned, the homeowners felt it was too small for entertaining and cramped and too high to really enjoy for leisurely lounging. 
    The backyard is deeply slopped and while a patio would have been possible, it would need long walls and take up the only flat play spaces available. So what to do?

    The side yard - left of the house was completely "forgotten" space. Not used for anything other than storing hoses and mowing grass that always failed to thrive in anything other than ratty patches. There was no door to this space, no walk, and no visual access. So why a patio?
    Design Solution
    This unused and undervalued space could be the PERFECT solution if the client would be willing to do three significant things. 
    1. Consider a patio as a lounging/entertaining space and not a formal dining area.
    2. Install a glass door on the side of the house to access the space - through a living room wall. 
    3. Invest in fencing, a small wall & steps, and accent plantings to warm up the hardscape features. 
    Check, check and check. They did it all and voila - this previously useless space became an instant oasis to entertain, hang out with a book and tea, and a major value addition to their property. Talk about ROI!!
    Think Outside the Box 
    Remember - all properties have a forgotten, underutilized area that may be the perfect answer to a nagging problem. Take a walk around your property and see where the opportunity lies. 
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