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    Backyard Oasis

    Back Yard Oasis

    The back yard is a journey to relaxation, play, and memory building. It's the one place on this planet that is all yours to escape to. No mater the features you choose, as long as they have the power to draw you outside closer to nature and your most relaxed self, then they're a success!

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    This Concord back yard is a native paradise. The large open deck with wrap around seating over looks a lawn with dappled light from the tall surrounding oak trees. The lawn edges are planted with several rugged native species that stand up to all weather conditions. The yard is perched high above a low open field that leads to a marsh area. Just at the precipice of the slope is an organic shaped paver patio with a natural stone fire pit sunken in at the edge. Low warm fires can be gathered around while watching the evolving nature below. The slope has been seeded with a mix of native grasses and is allowed to grow long and tall each year. One central section is mown for access and becomes the best sledding hill for the all the kids (and several adults) in the neighborhood. Low voltage lighting set high in the trees and nestled into gardens adds just enough light to allow for nighttime sledding, fires, and hot chocolate!

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