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    arrival experience

    Coming home is sometimes the best part of a long day at work, at school or running around doing errands. The feeling of comfort and welcome should start at the very first glimpse of your home from down the street. What you see sends a message and you want that message to be of ease and release from the pressures of the day. What better way to get that feeling jump-started than with lush foliage and vibrant flowers!

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    This Natick home is set back majestically on a gentle rise of land. It is on a cul-de-sac, so the driving approach is slow and measured. The very first glimpse of the property is the left corner of the driveway where the mailbox sits in a seasonal garden that explodes with color for three vibrant seasons. The long drive is flanked on the left with the only open lawn space on the property with a large Rain Garden on the property line to manage all the stormwater. The right side is lined with a small border of lawn and a planting of native spruces, maples and crabapples. There is a comfortable auxiliary parking for guests just before you enter a large open courtyard of pavers that leads to the main front door and garage. Flowerbeds and planters flank the entry and pretty up the entry during the growing season. A romantic arbor beckons to the backyard with a promise of more relaxation just a few steps away.

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