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    Garden Dreamscape

    Life-Scape Evolution

    After more than 10 years of gardening on this site, our clients were feeling their empty nest and decided it was time to upgrade and make their home an irresistible draw for their grown children and friends to return for visits filled with a gorgeous outside living environment. 

    • full-backyard-and-pool-after-photo
    • bakyard-pool-before-photo
    • backyard-after-photo
    • Backyard-before-photo
    • backyard-patio-after-photo
    • backyard-patio-before-photo
    • back-of-house-patio-after-photo
    • Backyard-landscape-after-photo
    • side-view-of-backyard
    • Masonry-Wall-Progress
    • front-walkway-flower-beds
    • Backyard-fountain-pool-and-bulbs
    • planter-on-patio
    • before-flower-beds-backyard
    • full-backyard-before

    Pool & Grading Upgrade

    Keeping it simple, we renovated the pool in place; upgrading the liner, mechanicals, coping, pool deck, and adding a stunning sphere shaped fountain. Then, we eliminated the uncomfortable slopes and tiered the yard into three levels - pool at the lower level - transitional lawn and gardens in the middle - and a patio with a gas fire table at the house level. 

    Garden Explosion

    As an avid gardener, our client wanted a diverse composition of foliage, flowers, berries and bark textures to color the landscape in every season. We incorporated existing plants transplanted to new locations along with many new perennials and groundcovers throughout the landscape. Then planted an evergreen screen along the property line fence and filled in with native and native-adventshrubs to support the pollinators and songbirds. 

    Cool Enclosure

    To meet code requirements we needed to add fencing and chose a simple post and rail fence with wire mesh between the rails positioned on the sides of the house and extending to the existing property line fences. This basic, no-frills choice allows the fencing to stay in the background while the gardens and stone work shine. 

    Long Term Care

    The beauty of this project is not its size, but rather the clients’ dedication to ecological practices, devotion to family and living in harmony with nature, and commitment to long term stewardship of the environment through their own work efforts and partnership with landscape professionals. 

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