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Tips to Maintain Your Commercial Landscape for Neatness and Safety

If you’re a business owner or manager, maintaining a commercial landscape requires a little more care and attention than a residential landscape because not only should it be beautiful and functional, it should be safe for your employees, customers or clients, and the general public.

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Can Landscape Design Increase Tenant Safety? 8 Tips That Can Help Keep People and Property Safe

Some commercial property owners might believe that the only way to provide added safety for their tenants is to minimize landscaping and eliminate any feature that might pose a danger to building occupants and their customers or guests. But with a little careful consideration and a thoughtfully designed landscaping plan, commercial properties can offer both a beautiful landscape and tenant safety.

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5 Proper Ways to Use Fences in a Landscape

Fences are one of the most challenging landscape elements. People often install fences without first thinking the project through and the less-than-satisfactory results can range from simply inappropriate to downright claustrophobic.

Most people use fences to create privacy yet they don’t realize there are different levels of privacy: full, moderate, and “suggested.” Wait, “suggested”? Yes, that’s a type of privacy in which an illusion of intimacy and separateness is created with light or low screening that doesn’t really hide anything from view, but rather suggests the space is set apart from the rest of the landscape. Knowing which level of privacy you’re looking to achieve will help you focus on appropriate designs and materials to create that specific effect.

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5 Best Practices to Maximize ROI on Your Next Commercial Landscape Project

Many business owners and managers have trouble justifying to themselves the expense of a landscape beyond the minimum necessary for appearance and to meet regulations. That’s too bad, because they’re missing an opportunity to add value to their business, goodwill with their customers, and even income to their bottom line.

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What You Need to Know About Dept. of Environmental Protection Regulations Before Starting a Landscape Project

It is not unusual for property owners to begin work on a landscape project only to run afoul of one or more Massachusetts environmental protection laws designed to protect wetlands, the watershed, or the environment in general. While, more often than not, these violations are unintentional and the result of not being familiar with the law, that does not change the fact that the property owner is in violation and may fall victim to some form of consequence that can become very expensive to resolve.

So how do you successfully complete a landscape project on your property that may be in conflict with Commonwealth of Massachusetts DEP regulations?

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