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Sustainability in the Garden

Sustainability is the hot new buzzword in the landscape world. What does it mean? The dictionary says…

1) able to be maintained

2) maintaining ecological balance

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Landscape Design

Whether you are planning a landscape from scratch, renovating an old landscape, or just creating a small flower garden, the project should always start with a landscape design. 

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Easy Versus Simple - Demystifying the Landscaping Process

Working in the garden has become a passion of the American homeowner. The DIY market it is still booming encouraging every able-bodied human to get out there and start digging, planting and mulching.

Funny...I get calls all the time that lament the same sad story...

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Our Garden Blogging Mission

We hope this blog will provide a place for everyone interested in landscape development to find practical, straight forward information about creating and maintaining the garden of their dreams.

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