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    Is Your Landscape Full of DIRT?

    We all strive to be resilient in our lives by working toward improving our survival skills. That may come in the form of eating well, fitness training, or even gaining new employable skills. All living beings want to survive, plants are no different. So why do you think your plants suffer so much through dry spells?

    Logic would suggest that if the plant grows here it should be able to survive here. Furthermore, if you have watered your plants by hand, or if you have an automatic irrigation system watering for you on a regular basis then shouldn’t the plant be happy – even in the summertime?

    While this logic doesn’t pass muster, it doesn’t mean this is a complicated issue. The simple way to enjoy better plant performance is to think less about them and more about the soil. This is the other half of your plant’s environment.  

    Think of it this way – when you eat junky food, OD on caffeine, kick back a few too many adult beverages – how do you feel the next day? I’ll bet you feel thirsty. The best way to clean out and refresh your system is to re-HYDRATE! When you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, you feel less thirsty because you are gaining valuable nutrients and hydration through digestion.

    Okay, stay with me here…

    Plants don’t have digestive tracts in their anatomy. The SOIL acts as the plants DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. It is where all the nutrients and water reside and get processed so that the plant can use those resources to grow and to stay strong during challenging times. If that soil is junky, dry, devoid of biology (the critters that do the digesting), full of chemicals, and/or buried in mulch, HOW can it support healthy growth never mind resilience during times of stress – like a hot, dry summer? It can’t! Because that's not SOIL, that’s DIRT.

    Let us know how you are building your soil. Or if you are struggling with peaked looking plants, ask your soil questions here in the comment section of the blog.

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