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    Landscape Field Videos: How to Install Drip Edge

    How to Install Drip Edge

    This week TGC demonstrates how to install drip edge. Many times we encounter landscapes that have insufficient gutters, poor drainage and wood decay. Water can be difficult to manage and can cause significant damage to your home if not properly managed. Drip edge allows us to create an area where water can spill off the roof and drain with out splashing mud and water back up onto the side of the house. Drip edge is great to use where soil is too close to wood or sections of a roof do not have gutters. This is very common with bay or bump out windows. Check out the video below to see how it works.



    Installing the metal edging will allow us to add our stone


    Always check to make sure the soil is not too high around your foundation. Look for signs of rot too


    Cut the metal edging with a metal cutting blade that can attach to a circular saw


    This drip edge provides a sharp line and a clean look against the mulch and the new plantings. You can use whatever stone you think looks good.

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