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    Landscape Field Videos: How to Build a Patio- Part Two

    How to Build a Patio: Part Two

    This week the Dwight Derby House patio project continues with TGC's install staff laying the bedding sand and the pavers. Check out the project stills below the video for more information. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them.



     The crew lays bedding sand and is now ready for the pavers


     We used a 90 degree herringbone pattern for the patio


     Standing on plywood keeps the crew from shifting the patten and the pavers before compaction


     Once you get a hang of the pattern, the laying process really speeds up


    Snapping a chalk line in the sand helps to keep our pattern on course

    Check back next week to see the finished project! Check out the first video in the patio construction series by clicking here!

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