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Landscape Field Videos: Proper Pruning Tools and Technique

Proper Pruning Tools and Technique

This week, The Garden Continuum discusses proper pruning tools and technique. Having the right tool for the job and knowing when and how to use them makes a significant difference when it comes time to tackling your pruning tasks. We demonstrate three pruning tools in this video:

Bypass Pruners       Folding Saws          Limb Saws

The Garden Continuum uses top quality pruning tools with replaceable parts. Spending a bit more money will provide you with years of use. Remember to take care of your tools! Below are the three pruning tools we used in this video. TGC has a few more pruning tools in the arsenal to show you later. They include the pole clip, pole saw, and the long reach pruner.

Bypass Pruner


Folding Saw


Limb Saw


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