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    Too busy to read or go to a gardening or business class? Tune into a podcast to learn more about all things gardening and landscape business development. 

    Learn about my Life-Scape Method which helps guide homeowners and landscape professionals to develop landscapes that are regenerative and healthy for the environment and people!

    Learn what it takes to start, grow, and manage a landscape business to multiple seven-figures that also supports a team, the environment, and your personal lifestyle.

    I’ve organized the shows into two categories for you.

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    Garden Enthusiast Podcasts cover topics about gardening, designing, life-scaping and geeking out about plants, nature, and the environment whenever possible. We also talk a bit about carbon sequestration and guarding against climate change.


    Landscape Business Podcasts cover topics about being a landscape professional, building a business, marketing, and creating work cultures that consider the whole person and the environment for triple bottom line success.