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With people busier than ever, reading isn't holding our attention like it used to. Radio and TV don’t give us the control and flexibility we've learned to love.

Podcasts allow us to curate our listening choices to be hyper-focused on what's most important to us. And, the beauty of the spoken word, is it leaves your hands and eyes free to focus on other things. Like driving, cooking, or gardening. 

I was asked many times as I worked on my book, STOP Landscaping, START Life-Scaping, if I was going to start a podcast. The answer is no. There are thousands of fantastic podcasts out there and I’m excited to support those hosts in delivering top notch content to their audiences.

My goal: to get the word about how Life-Scaping can improve your life experience at home, at work, and in community. And to share my entrepreneurship experience with those who have a burning desire to be of service to the world.

If you have a podcast and want to have a chat or know of one that would be a good fit for this content, please email me and let me know so we can keep spreading the word.

Enjoy the episodes below and share your comments with the hosts, and with me.

Garden On! 



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Low Tox Life

197 - Award Winning landscaper Monique Allen on the benefits of “Life-Scaping” your green space.

Garden Talk
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W/Danny Lipford - Episode 61

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