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    Garden Walkways & Paths Ideas

    Walks & Paths - Oversizing Makes your Statement

    This beautiful Medfield, Mass home needed a front face lift. By mimicking the white brick front in the risers of the stoop and capping the steps in bluestone, the color and feel of the house comes right out into the landscaple. 

    The oversized walkway landing makes the front of this home inviting and grand. The serpentine walk takes the visitor through beautiful gardens making the approach to the house a joyful experience.

    The deep prolific purple flowers of bugleweed (Ajuga reptans 'Chocolate Chip') make a stunning partner for the pink flowering azaleas and deep burgundy foliage of the threadleafed maple (Acer dissectum).

    Walks & Paths - Landscape Curb-Appeal with a Great Entry


    This new construction home in Needham Mass. maximized curb-appeal with this long farmers porch right down to placing two sturdy rocking chairs to set the mood. The long granite steps create a secure transition from the Ideal Concrete paver walk.

    Pavers are Beacon Hill Blend (a warm brick tone) with Quarry Blend as the edger course to repeat the gray tones of the natural granite coloration.

    The Vardar Valley Boxwood hedge will be trained over time to grow together and frame the half circle landing that extends beyond the 6 foot long steps allowing room for winter hardy fiberglass containers that are changed out 4 times a year with seasonal color.

    Walks & Paths - East-side stroll garden path


    Every home has a side or a corner that is low traffic, high shade, or just somehow forgotten. Why not turn those spaces into low-maintenance, high-sustainability space that are knock out gorgeous to boot?

    This east facing side of the house was total shade, full of moss and rocky earth. Little by little over a 4 year period, we build this space into a fabulous stroll garden.

    The meandering pea-stone path (3/8" bluestone) was installed over a compacted base of 4" of crushed bank gravel. The loose stone was added at just a 2" depth. The edges are loose - no edging materials.

    The plants consist of a Stewartia, multiple Dogwoods, Rhododendron, Mountain Laurel, Leucothoe and oodles of fun woodland and shade perennials like; Hosta, Hakonechloa, Waldsteinia, Polygonatum, Actea, Trillium, Heuchera, and Astilbe - just to name a few.

    This garden is tended a mear two times a year. For some general weeding, deadheading and then fall clean-up. Every two to three years it is mulched with a rich leaf-mold that keeps the biology in the soil so happy, that the plant foliage is always rich and lush. NOTHING bothers this garden!

    Walks & Paths - The Elegance of Bluestone


    Design a wide and comfortable front walk to improve the look and curb appeal of your home. The real payoff is that the walk is inviting and user friendly.

    This Westwood, Mass property used to have an old brick walk that crossed in front of the house to the left making the approach to the house feel lopsided. In the redesign of this walk the direction was changed to come out in a gentle curve from the house to the driveway.

    By changing the material to bluestone and adding a granite step to eliminate the slope, it is far more appealing and comfortable to walk upon.

    WALKS & PATHS - Concrete Pavers & Granite for your Garden


    Concrete pavers have come a long way. The colors, styles, and patterns available offer elegance and longevity to any design. Mixed here with granite treads to traverse a grade change from the driveway to the back yard, it offers very easy and safe passage from one level to the next. This small pocket garden will explode with color in a few weeks making this pathway even more splendid.

    Walks & Paths - Elegant Landscape Patterns for Mature Masonry


    An 40 year old home in Sudbury, Mass, desperately needed a new walkway to meet up with an existing, aging landing. Since a full renovation of the masonry was not in the budget, we proposed a solution that would excite the look and feel of the entry while utilizing similar colorations in the concrete pavers to the house and existing masonry.

    This Ideal Concrete block in the Vineyard Blend color and set in the Fan pattern did just the trick. A rich New England tone in the landscape that feels like it fits with the style and period of the home's entryway.

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