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Vines - Wisteria blossoming in May

This Wisteria floribunda was planted about three years before I met this Newton, MA client. The vine wasn't flowering well and was completely covering this small pergola structure. It had wound itself around the gutter and up into the window frame. After one year of aggressive pruning and training we have an amazing bloom this May.

Wisteria is by far one of the most beautiful vines out there. But please remember, this is a HIGH maintenance plant. By that I mean that without fail, this plant should be pruned twice a year - once in the summer and once in the late fall or early winter.

Timely pruning will ensure good bud-set and a well managed vine. DO NOT allow Wisteria to wrap downspouts or trellis because as the vine matures it will crush and distort its host with its twining force.

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