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    Trees Well Suited to Massachusetts

    Why should you plant a tree?

    If you want leave a legacy for generations to come: Plant A Tree

    What attributes can trees add to your landscape?

    • shade
    • screening
    • flowering
    • fruit
    • texture
    • oxygen production
    • carbon sequestering
    • water conservation
    • habitat formation
    • in time...the best climbing apparatus a child ever had

    A well-chosen and planted tree may endure for generations offering increased value to your landscape.

    Choose trees wisely:  Set your sites on at least 10 years of growth when choosing the location.

    It is said that Frederick Law Olmstead had a 40-year vision. This is why destinations like the Arnold Arboretum and Central Park feel as if they are natural oases when in fact they were designed to the very last tree.

    Choosing a Tree

    When choosing a tree, you must start by looking in your yard.

    Measure the space you would like to fill.

    The Arbor Day Foundation is a very useful resource to use in locating the best tree for your site conditions and design needs.

    Tips to help you choose the Right Tree for the Right Place.

    Once you have the criteria for your tree you can link to the Arbor Day Foundation's Best Tree Finder to select a tree that will fit your needs and site.

    Get all the facts by viewing the Kemper Center for Home Gardening's Plant Finder

    Planting a new tree with The Garden Continuum, Inc.

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    The Garden Continuum is available to help you navigate choosing the Right Plants for the Right Place, so sign up for your Free Phone Consultation today.

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