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    Landscaping Patios

    Patio - Raised Bluestone with Fieldstone Walls

    An elegant solution to a grade differential between the house and the outside. Rather than add a deck, this family in Natick, Mass wanted to have a raised stone patio. The surface is a thermal bluestone which is surrounded by a fieldstone wall capped with bluestone. The walls double as seating walls as well as retaining walls.

    Patio - Terracing the Landscape to Create Outdoor Living


    An eco-friendly landscape starts with good design. This property in Medfield, Mass abutts conservation land and had a significant slope, making the use of the back yard difficult. By designing a terraced walkway with granite steps, we could get down the hill in a comfortable manner. The patio sits mid-grade and the rest of the slope was graded to meet the patio edges. This paver surface is permeable making it a perfect choice for a conservation project.

    Patio - Circular Paver Patio in and Eco-Friendly Landscape


    This Sharon, Mass patio is nestled into the side of a property where the homeowners never before used the space. By capturing this "lost space" as a patio and habitat garden, the homeowner now appreciates a whole new section of their land.

    The plants attract many birds making the outdoor living experience exciting and relaxing all at once. This patio drains surface water keeping the space dry and easily maintained.

    Patio: Repurposed Brick Patio & Garden


    Reusing old materials from the landscape is a great way to save money. These old bricks made up a set of paths and landings at this Milton home in Massachusetts. They were slated for removal and disposal during a major home renovation, but we intervened. What perfect materials for a patio. Once we knew the square footage available, we designed a patio that was just the right size to use all we had. Adding a little old fashioned cobble stone on the edges was the finishing touch to a wonderful new outdoor room for this landscape.

    What do you have lying around that should be reused in the garden?

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