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    Landscaping Driveways

    Driveway - Eco-Friendly Choices for your Sustainable Landscape

    This long driveway in Franklin, Mass is constructed of crushed bank gravel that has been compacted as if asphalt would have been installed over it. It is a solid driving surface yet it drains water right through it. This eco-friendly landscape choice is also beautiful with the lawn edges and tree lined berms.

    Driveways - Cobbles and Gardens


    This long and narrow driveway needed attention to make it this inviting. The addition of a small picket fence to accentuate the entry along with the lamp post to illumate the end was a start. The cobbles really call off the entrance and lead you down a garden path lined with Plum trees on the left and a stone wall with perennials dripping over the edges. Each season offers a new gift as you enter this Westwood, Mass property.

    Driveways - Lined with Garden Blossoms 


    Simple yet pretty. Spring blossoms right at the mouth of the driveway are the best!

    Don't you want the entry to your landscape to lift you up? Even more than that it should be an easy passage - even if you have a gravel driveway! This large cobble apron makes a statement and keeps the entry neat.

    After a hard days work, what is better than coming home to a blooming Thundercloud Plum, Forsythia, and Pear tree planted to welcome you?

    Driveways - Asphalt and Lawn


    If you have a long traverse from the road to your home you'll want to be sure the drive is easy for your guests and deliveries. This long driveway is flanked by lawn area and illuminated by elegant light fixtures atop sturdy granite posts. This ancillary parking area doubles as a turn around making it possible to drive in and drive out. No need for long drives backwards!

    Driveways - The Well-Drained Landscape Solution


    If you are lucky enough to have a flat surface for your driveway, you can consider using crushed bank gravel as your driving surface. Line the edges with cobbles and lush turf and you have an elegant and rustic look while also choosing a sustainable medium to improve the recharge of rain water all year long. Yes, plowing can be tricky, but as the owner of this driveway I would say it is worth it. There is some spring clean up but it looks great again with minimal attention.

    Driveways - Holding Court


    This home in Natick, Mass underwent a full renovation inside and out. Pouring a sea of asphalt in the front driveway court was going to take away from all their careful efforts to improve their landscape. By using pavers in two colors and an elegant pattern, this entry court is inviting and beautiful. AND it is permeable, so it is a sound ecological building choice too!

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