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    Kid Spaces

    Kid Space - Time to Play


    Create a fun, clean, and safe area for your children to play in the landscape while being eco-friendly and promoting drainage.

    This Newton play set is installed in a modest yard by nestling it into a visible corner of the property. Proper clearance for swinging along with a deep riverstone base makes this a very safe place for all child activities.

    The pea stone base in this application is also helping keep the property well drained. Set up at the properties natural low point, it serves as a perfect location to allow percolation and water recharge into the sub soils.

    Kid Space - Mini Fenway Park


    Not every home can have a baseball field, but this award winning landscape in Medfield, Mass does. The mini replica of Fenway Park built for this episode of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition even has the Green Monster, score board, and Pesky Pole.

    To top off the experience, a traditional play set is set on the edge along with a set of bleachers to watch "home" games!

    Kid Space - Play Set & Play House


    Recycle a play set, add a sand box, and turn a shed into a play house and you've got an oasis for childhood play in the landscape - perfect for hours of after school and summer fun.

    This home in Norfolk, Mass sits on a sloped parcel of land. This lower flat area was a perfect location for the play set. It is set in rounded pea stone for safety and edges with a rolled top PVC edging material to keep the stones contained.

    Along the back, blueberries are being set out to plant as a way to connect the children to nature with the juicy pleasure of the native fruits.

    Kid Space - Big Play in the Landscape 



    I have to admit, there is still nothing more alluring than a swing (to me that is). Even as the years tick on...(not mentioning any ages here)...I still love to sit on a swing and sway back and forth. More and more, I have clients who set-up these huge play sets. This monster in Westwood, Mass. is a ball. I even had to try the swing (secret: So did my office manager!). It was fabulous.

    Set in this perfect setting nestled under a huge pine and three towering oaks the size of the set is well paired in the setting. The back drop are the now "illegal to plant" burning bush, but I have to say, they work here!

    The base is a deep layer of 3/8" rounded stone that will protect even the most fragile child from harm if there is a fall. The space is safe, clean, and fun for all (I mean that)! 

    Kid Space - Nestled between the garage and the landscape


    Nowhere to locate your play set? Surely there is a space you could nestle it in.

    This very simple CedarWorks play set was designed to fit into a small space between the side of a detached garage, gardens and the backyard lawn space. The setting bed is The Garden Continuum's signature deep, rounded 3/8" stone for maximum fall safety.

    This play set got 10 years of active use in this spot all year round. It was turned into a water slide in the crazy heat of summer and in the winter of 2011-12 was a snow slide and jump. We had a ball.

    Yes, this is our play set and it was worth every penny to purchase and install for our children. It fast became a beloved feature in our landscape.

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