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    Good Garden Fences Make Good Landscape Neighbors

    New Englanders have a love-hate relationship with walls and fences.  We want privacy, but we don’t want to offend.  We want connection with our neighbors, but not too much. Then we shy away from the cost of walls and fences and miss that great opportunity to build ourselves an inner sanctum of beauty and privacy.

    In Robert Frost’s poem "Mending Wall" he clearly had the notion to take issue with walls or fences used for the sole purpose of claiming territory.  It was his neighbor who felt strongly that “good fences made good neighbors.”  Frost thought fences were good when one kept cows!

    Well, most of us aren't keeping cows these days, but we can find other reasons to put up a very beautiful fence or an intriguing wall.

    We lead busy lives and often just want to feel snugly insulated at home while enjoying nature outside.  We long for a private, peaceful outdoor respite right there.  Perhaps this legitimate reason might entice Robert Frost to reconsider his position on walls and fences between neighbors.

    On a recent trip to Dallas, Texas for a biannual meeting of my Leader's Edge peer group, I found myself intrigued by the beauty of the residential landscapes in the area. What so many of them had in common was fencing; not just board fencing, but gorgeous six or eight-foot stucco walls or tall intricate latticed walls, all with interesting gates and doors.

    Driving around the suburban neighborhoods, one could not help but notice the design intention of shared public space.  It was so beautifully landscaped and repeatedly drew the eye to surrounding fences or walls, often covered in vegetation.

    It was impossible not to be enticed into imagining what lay beyond those walls and fences!


    Our host in Dallas and owner of Bonick Landscaping* invited us to his home to share a wonderful meal with his family. We thoroughly enjoyed the oasis of his very private, walled gardens that he and his artist wife had created for their outdoor Life-Scape™ at home. It contained a small pond, a patio and fire pit, as well as an outdoor kitchen. There was a dramatic, though narrow, sliver of walled, outdoor space off the children's bedrooms with fountains spilling into illuminated glass.........stunning, absolutely stunning!

    It was remarkable to note that our host’s home was modest in size with only a small area of land.  He had expertly used every private inch of land by enclosing it with tall fences and walls, which offered him and his family an intimate and immediate connection to nature at home.  It was truly a Life-Scape!

    A Life-Scape project of this kind is within your reach, no matter the size of your property.  It takes good design, forward planning, and a commitment to and desire for a truly private space outside at home...something to reach for NOW!


    Why wait for it much longer? Your private, walled oasis awaits your beck and call!  TGC is eager to begin.

     *(all images by Bonick Landscaping).

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