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    Learn How To Pick Plants For Your Landscape


    As we move into the cooler, wetter weather of the autumn season, I encourage you to think about planting new plants in your landscape. Maybe you have been dreaming of a new perennial garden, or contemplating adding some late season or winter interest plants, or maybe you are just eager to fill that one blank spot in your landscape before the snow flies.

    How do you know what plants are right for the conditions you have at your home?

    Look no further than The Garden Continuum's Demystify Your Landscape series for help. Our new eBook "Picking Plants" was written to guide you through the steps of choosing the plants most suited to your landscape needs.

    Demystify Your Landscape by Learning to Pick Plants

    Download this free eBook today to get started. Once you've identified the right plants all you have to do is prepare your soil and plant your plants with confidence.

    If you need help, remember that TGC is here to serve you. We can help you to think through the design process, cut out new beds, amend soils, locate and purchase plants, and even plant them for you. What ever you need, just let us know.

    We are very interested in knowing how you like our eBook. Please submit comments as well as questions. Have any eBook ideas? Post them here in our comment section! We plan on keeping this information coming, so get your ideas to us.

    Happy Gardening!!

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