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The Top 5 things to do before you start a landscape business

Many people start a landscape business looking to make a killing. But, sadly, the only thing they end up killing, is the business. Why is this and how can you avoid it if you're seriously thinking about making the leap yourself?

First and foremost, you should not – and really cannot –start and grow a business that’s entirely about making money. It has to be about something else. If you’re thinking of launching a landscape business, you better be doing it because you love the idea of creating something beautiful, functional, and lasting on the land using plants and all manner of materials not to mention getting your hands dirty. The money comes after that. Why? Because if it's about the money first, the tail ends up wagging the dog and everything you do is colored by the desire to squeeze money out of it. Your decision-making becomes based on profits, not pleasing your clients. And that's no way to grow and sustain a landscape business successfully. And don’t get me wrong here - profit must be on the priority list - it’s just dangerous to make it the only priority.

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5 Reasons To NOT Start a Landscape Business

A surprising number of people think that just because they can clean up their yard, put down some mulch, and maybe even create a garden, it makes sense to go out and try to make money working in other people’s yards. Okay, I get it. That’s a great way to make some money in high school or college. It’s how my husband, Chris, and I both got our first taste of the business, so I have full respect for that.

If, however, you plan to do this for real - as in your career - you better be ready to build “mad skills”. Let’s start with plants.

It’s difficult – if not impossible – to be a successful landscape professional and not know at least the basics about plants. How can you properly design, install, prune or maintain things you can’t even name?

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