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Competitive Advantage: What Makes You Unique?

Every business, like every person, is unique. Even businesses that provide products or services that are virtually the same have something unique about them that can be promoted to set them apart from their competitors. In classic marketing parlance this is known as a company’s “unique selling proposition” or USP. The problem is, many businesses don’t bother to think too long and hard about what it is that makes them different from everyone else. That’s a shame, because it just makes them have to work harder to compete and win new clients. And, really, who wants to work harder?

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Your landscape business size designation is crucial for growth

When you become self-employed in an industry such as landscaping, you’re probably doing it without having the ultimate size of your business in mind. Most of the owners I meet get into this line of work because they love it. There are some, of course, who see it as a road to riches, but they aren’t the norm.

Do you know how to classify the size of your landscape business? Do you know why this even matters to your growth?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) encourages new business owners to choose a business structure when they are opening up their business. Your accountant would encourage the same. But how do you know? You can pop onto the SBA and learn about all the business structure types to choose from – Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Liability Company, and the list goes on. But even this doesn’t help you understand your ultimate size.

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Marketing A Landscaping Business: Getting People to Buy What You’re Selling

Owning a landscaping business – heck, owning any business – is not for the faint of heart. If you’re struggle with getting the kind of work you really like to do, then this post provides some tips to fine-tune your services to help you close more sales.

It all starts with you. Most small businesses are really extensions of the individuals who own them. Your beliefs and passions are all wrapped up in why you’ve chosen this line of work, and to open a business of your own. Once you understand that, it becomes easier to sit down to define and document your company’s purpose and mission. That, of course, should involve something that excites you and gives you a reason to get up every morning. Only then are you in a position to clearly state what it is you’re offering.

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Too Many Hats: Tips for Lightening Your Workload

As a landscape business owner, chances are good you shoulder most of the burdens that come with the territory. Sales, bookkeeping, scheduling, purchasing, and the myriad other tasks that need to get done to keep your business up and running. You may not even realize the number of “hats” you wear every day. However, it’s important to recognize that you can’t do everything yourself – not if you want your business to grow. Trying to do too much is overwhelming and counterproductive. To grow your business, you have to be able to focus on it, and that means delegating some of the tasks that you’ve been doing yourself.

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