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A Recipe to Gain The Best Landscape Business Clients

There’s an old marketing joke that applies just as well to the professional landscape industry: “This would be a great business to be in if it weren’t for the clients.” Now, of course, there’s a lot to love about our clients, but some can drive you crazy with demands or complaints.

So how can you identify the characteristics of your perfect client so you can attract more of the people you enjoy working with and determine the ones who will cause more stress than joy? Let’s walk through the process of finding the right clients through alignment and communication.

Topics: Clients & Services

Don’t Like Selling? Change How You Do It.

As the owner of a landscaping business, chances are you do everything from managing the books to driving the truck. And that includes sales.

If you’re like most people, selling doesn’t come easy – you’re uncomfortable asking for money and hearing “no” can be frustrating. As a result, sales might be your least favorite task. But I’m here to change your mind by arming you with a little knowledge and a proven way to make your sales efforts a success.

Topics: Sales & Marketing

SMART Landscaping: Tips to Help Establish Goals and Grow Your Landscape Company

If you’re struggling to build a landscape business, part of the problem may be that you have not firmly established your business goals. If you don’t know your goals, you don’t know where you’re going. Once you’ve determined your business goals you can develop a sound, workable strategy that will enable you to achieve them.

Topics: Business Organization