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    Press Kit

    Monique Allen Bio

    Monique Allen, Founder & Creative Director of The Garden Continuum, is a master creator, interactive employer, published author, and fierce industry advocate. In over three decades, she has witnessed the landscape trade become extremely popular and commoditized, which has eroded the sustainability of our landscapes while undermining our ability to feel satisfaction from them.

    As the founder of the Life-Scape Method, a lifelong gardener, business developer, and educator, Monique has dedicated her career to reversing that legacy by creative alternative approaches and sharing actionable information to spread a positive message about how we can all improve our land, our lives, and our professional satisfaction through Life-Scaping and compassionate business building.

    In addition to running her own 7-figure business and publishing her first book, STOP Landscaping, START Life-Scaping, Monique is also an active business coach, specializing in artisan branding, team building, curating a positive company culture, and succeeding as a woman in a male-dominated industry. 


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    Interview Topics

    1. Getting the most out of your landscape by turning it into a Life-Scape
    2. The importance of planning with long-term care in mind for a more sustainable landscape and environment
    3. How families and communities can improve their lives by reconnecting with the outside environment
    4. What today’s gardeners and landscape professionals can learn from the past to create more mindful practices for the future
    5. Building and growing an artisan business by tightening your niche and curating your culture
    6. First Generation - Women-Owned & Grown Business

    Interview Questions

    1. Can you explain what “Life-Scaping” means to you?
    2. Why is it so important to change the way we think of and interact with land, especially now?
    3. What are the top three most important things to consider when developing a Life-Scape?
    4. Why is it important to have a long-term care plan for your land? 
    5. What are the first three steps in building a strong landscape brand?
    6. What are the key components of business culture curation?
    7. How do you find employees and clients that will stay with your company?
    8. Some smart steps for women who are navigating a male-dominated industry?
    9. How do you pivot and evolve your business in response to market shifts and crisis?

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