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    Landscaper's Freedom Formula ~ 2021 Mastermind Group

    Break out of isolation...

    Get with your people!

    Landscape business owners are a unique bunch. We are hard-working, dedicated, and more often than not - OVERWHELMED. I know because I am one and have felt the serious pressures of ownership - like sales, recruiting & training - to name a painful few.

    Here's what I know for a fact, it doesn't have to be so painful! You know how to do some really complicated tasks as a landscape pro, so how about you look at your business like a landscape project?

    That's what I did! I broke it down and cut through the madness. Then I started to grow and feel the freedom I craved from the beginning.

    Join my 2021 Landscaper's Freedom Formula Mastermind Group starting in November! You'll be a part of a group of like-minded landscape professionals who are interested in...

    • Figuring out the day to day workflows
    • Creating a strong organizational structure
    • Crushing your sales goals and getting PAID
    • Building a compassionate business culture
    • Being an active trainer and developer of staff talent
    • Taking time off to really rest and recharge without worrying about work!
    Hop on a call with me and let's talk about how this LFF group is for you.
    Don't waste another minute in struggle mode. I promise...YOU CAN DO THIS!

    Request a Call with Monique!

    Meet your lifestyle business partner

    Monique Allen

    She is the Founder & Creative Director of The Garden Continuum, a master creator, interactive employer, and fierce green industry advocate.

    Monique has witnessed the landscape trade become extremely popular and commercialized which has inadvertently eroded the sustainability of our environment while undermining our ability to feel satisfaction from our work. Over the past 36 years, she has built her company to be resilient in unstable markets, surviving the great recession and thriving through the recent pandemic and great resignation.

    As a business coach, Monique works with fellow industry business owners to break down the hurdles that stand in their way of growth and prosperity. Most of all, she is dedicated to ensuring that the small business owner thrives and finds deep satisfaction and freedom in their efforts!