landscaper’s freedom formula training

Landscape businesses are seasonal and that can be tough!

Most owners and managers end up on the edge of burnout at the end of one season, and then totally overwhelmed as they ramp up for the next season. I’ll bet the season change brings both relief as well as a whole new batch of stress.

"How can you leap that hurdle once and for all?"

I talk to lots of landscape pros like you and these are some of the most common problems that come up…

  • You didn’t earn enough money in this past week, month, or season!
  • Your design process keeps stalling out with client push back on price!
  • You watched your profit disappeared on your last job because you  under-estimated labor hours or material volumes!
  • Your slow paying clients are upsetting your cash flow and they don’t  understand the value you bring to them!
  • Your employees have no idea what it takes to keep business coming in  so that they have a steady paycheck!
  • Your feeling exhausted, worn out, and totally ready to throw in the  towel if something doesn’t change soon!!!!!

does any of this sound familiar? I call this CRISIS-Mode and it’s no fun at all!

The solution to Crisis-Mode is to make a SHIFT in how you approach your landscape services and selling system.

You need a clear plan in place to know what’s coming up in the next season – before it hits you!

  • A shift means a pivot or a course change.
  • Not all shifts are the same – some are big moves – some  are micro-moves
  • The key is to shift “right” so it’s not just a temporary fix  that evaporates and lands you back where you started.
  • What’s the POWER MOVE that’s going to permanently  shift you out of the business struggle cycle?

Imagine making one simple shift in your landscape business and:

  • You’re earning more than enough money each season!
  • Your design clients are happy to invest in your creative  genius!
  • Your install jobs are profitable AND enjoyable!
  • Your landscape maintenance clients totally “get” you and  your business!
  • Your employees appreciate you and are taking great care  of all your landscape clients!
  • You feel inspired and full of energy to take on each day  AND each season!

i made the shift to freedom

Hi, I’m Monique Allen, founder and creative director of The Garden Continuum and I have been working in this industry since 1986! In that time, I spent many years designing, building and maintaining landscapes with my own hands.

I know what it’s like to work in the field and then come back and do all the office work too.

Today, I have an award winning, 7-figure business that runs with an amazing team of professionals that support me, our clients and each other every day!

I’m not special. I don’t work any harder than you do. The only difference is that I figured out how to THINK differently about HOW to build and grow a business. I literally made a shift out of my struggles into my freedom by LETTING GO of old ideas and adopting new ones so I could change my ACTIONS!

I started by implementing three business strategies that enabled me to transform my landscape company into a successful revenue machine that pays me back with a great salary and the professional freedom and personal life that I’ve always wanted!

What You Get in the LANDSCAPER’S FREEDOM FORMULA training

Three 1-hour video training sessions
  • Learn how to build a business that works FOR you… instead of drains You!
  • Learn how to design your services to align perfectly with  your special skills!
  • Learn how to make sure you’re closing sales deals every  day with your perfect clients!
The Freedom Tool Box
  • Filled with 12 downloadable worksheets and training documents to help you solidify your learning experience so you can take ACTION!
Access to our Monthly LIVE Learning Expansion and Q&A Session
  • Get your questions answered and go deeper with your learning with this monthly call.
  • Don’t let yourself feel isolated, this is your very own  accountability call. 
  • Work with Monique and your fellow landscape pros to get to the next level of business success.


Laurie Warren
Laurie Warrren

In business for 8 years, I was feeling isolated and struggling to move to the next level. I needed a partner to co-create with, to get me into action with problem solving and business building.

Working with Monique changed how I view money, business risk, and growth. I’m running my business more efficiently, having more fun, and earning a more consistent income. Monique has an unparalleled ability to listen! Her genius is to see the design beneath seeming disorder. I love having a seasoned entrepreneur in my corner!

Judi Lipson-Rubin

After 19 years of building my organic landscape business, I had lost my joy and felt all my time was spent dealing with problems. I needed someone to help me get over these seemingly insurmountable hurdles.

Monique listened patiently, she asked deep questions, and she made me do homework! I felt heard, supported and encouraged. With the insights she brought to our meetings, I was able to see clearly what I had to do. Monique’s programs and mentoring continue to help me navigate hurdles and stay grounded in my joy! 

Jay MacMullan

I have worked with Monique Allen for 7 years and have known her for longer. I’ve witnessed first hand her excitement to teach, learn and share. Building a successful landscape company requires a leader who can take these pieces, combine them with passion, and make them a staple of company culture.

Monique's ability to be teacher and student makes her a valuable resource for other landscape companies, leaders and entrepreneurs. As a former employee and now a new business owner, I am grateful for all that I learned while working with Monique!

power hour training modules

Training Module 1
How to build a business that works for YOU…instead of drains you!

Learn the 5-critical mindset shifts you need to make in order to own and operate a business that brings you joy and inspires you toward success

Mindset Mastery Toolbox – downloadable PDF Exercises
  • Move from Hobby to Business Mind
  • The STRUGGLE Model TM Warning Signs
  • The 20 Bad Habits that may be eroding your business and your goodwill
  • Your FREEDOM Statement Guide
Training Module 2
How to sell the services that you can be the best at…instead of being a “Jack-of-all-Trades”!

Learn how to define your SERVICE OFFERINGS with crystal clear accuracy so that you know what you're positioning in your marketplace.

Service Clarity Toolbox – downloadable PDF Exercises
  • Don’t LIST services – SHARE results
  • The MEDIOCRITY Model TM Warning Signs
  • 6 Reasons you should SPECIALIZE now
  • Your BRAND Statement Guide
Training Module 3
How to make sure you are rolling in money…instead of chasing cash!

Learn how to systematize your sales process so you're making QUICK CONVERSIONS from prospect to client and keeping your workflow steady and predictable.

Quick Conversions Toolbox – downloadable PDF Exercises
  • Avoid the Sales Person Trap
  • The HOPE Model TM Warning Signs
  • 6 Simple Steps to CLOSE the DEAL
  • Your UNIQUE PITCH Guide
Bonus power hour
Attend our LIVE monthly Learning Expansion session built around YOUR questions.
  • Post all your questions in the training portal and we'll answer them and build an extended learning session to get you the information you need.
  • This is a live session, so we'll monitor the question panel and weave in more high level learning through some Q & A time!