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Introduction to Personalized Coaching

Landscape business coaching & speaking

“Build a high-integrity business. Live a rich life.”

This motto has been the driving force behind my success and it’s the mission behind the Liberation Coaching Program and Regenerative Business Community where I support owners in active learning, imperfect action, and transformational outcomes.

The results…

  • Clients made more money
  • Businesses generated more profit
  • Clients built stronger teams
  • Companies enjoy better reputations
  • Owners report reduced overwhelm and improved joy

Landscape Business Coaching

What you've got...

Small business owners have passion, internal drive, and determination but these characteristics can only get you so far beyond starting and bootstrapping your business. 

What gets you down...

The pain comes as you succeed, get busier, are in higher demand, and the complexity increases in all facets of your business from “field to files”. Wearing all those hats gets heavy and knowing which to keep and which to outsource can be tricky.

The danger of doing nothing...

The cost of not figuring out your next move can be enormous and far-reaching beyond stress, isolation, and business failure. It can hit your health, your relationships, and your overall well-being. Don’t let that be your story. 

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3 Unique Coaching Programs:

1) Liberation Business Coaching - Work on your business: In this program we look at the broad spectrum of your business as it is today. Your business structure, your profitability, your leadership experience, and your satisfaction level. We understand there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be, so we work that gap to get you the gain.

2) Liberation Project Coaching - Focus on one project: In this program we look at a specific problem or opportunity you have in front of you right now. Together we facilitate critical action that needs to happen in a short timeframe by giving you a valuable business partner to help you create the best results. 

3) Regenerative Business Community - Break through isolation: In this program you become a part of a professional community of your landscape industry peers who are navigating the same terrain as you. They are doing similar work for similar clients and face the same challenges. As an alternative or addition to one-on-one coaching, participating in this community helps you to realize that you are not alone, that you can collaborate and learn from fellow business owners. These communities validate your challenges and breeds inspiration and motivation to move your business forward. 

About Monique Allen


In the Beginning...

Monique set out as a gardener’s apprentice at the age of 18. At 21, she was a freelance garden designer/installer and booking 5 figure jobs through networking and word-of-mouth marketing. She started a newsletter in the early 1990s and today has two vibrant blogs to share her gardening and business experiences. 

Flagship Business...

In 2000, Monique founded The Garden Continuum, an award-winning, multi-seven-figure landscape design/build and fine gardening company. She employs 25 people and runs a thriving triple-bottom-line company with a mission to focus on the planet, people and profits equally.

Coaching Today...

As an industry advocate, Monique knows that eco-minded business owners could be enjoying the same success if they turn some focus into their business structure and practices to get the help they need from staff and the response they want from clientele. Her coaching mission is to elevate as many small businesses as she can through one on one coaching and group work.  

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We’ll let our clients do the talking



Monique has excitement to teach, learn and share. Combined with her passion she’s made them a staple of her company culture. Monique is a valuable resource for other landscape companies, leaders and entrepreneurs. As a former employee and now a new business owner, I am grateful for all that I learned while working with her!



I was feeling isolated and struggling to move to the next level. I needed a co-creation partner. Working with Monique changed my views on money, business risk, and growth. She has an unparalleled ability to listen! Her genius is to see the design beneath seeming disorder. I love having a seasoned entrepreneur in my corner!

Priscilla Hutt Williams - Pumpkin Brook Organic Gardening


My company needed an organizational chart in order to continue on our growth path. Monique had a clever way of teasing out my company vision! Together we created Job Value Propositions for each position, including the development of job titles and a reporting strategy. Do yourself a favor, start the coaching process NOW with Monique.



Spending so much time dealing with problems was killing my joy. Monique listened patiently, asked deep questions, and made me do homework! I felt heard, supported and encouraged. With the insights she shared, I was able to see my next moves. Monique’s mentoring continues to help me navigate hurdles and stay grounded in my joy!



My students see Monique as a role model, a potential mentor and a voice of wisdom in management and customer service. She speaks with reverence and joy about what she and her team do for their clients and that’s an important standard to convey to students studying Service Marketing. I would recommend her without reservations.



I really wanted to quit earlier this year. Had had it with the business end of the business. I have fallen in love with my business again and it’s all because of Monique. To find someone who TRULY understands who we are and what we do is just amazing. Monique has skyrocketed our business forward and honestly changed our entire lives. Looking forward to the rest of our sessions!


The value Monique brought to me during our work has been huge. She's helped me develop my three-legged stool approach to business. Plus, asking the question, "Why are you doing this project? What meaning does it hold for you?" has created an unbelievable connection for my clients. I love Monique's work. She is teaching exactly what I believe my future will become.


Consider weaving in some group learning about key landscape environment and business practices that will help you to elevate and differentiate your service offerings while improving team performance and satisfaction.


STOP Landscaping, Start Life-Scaping method introduction and overview lecture.

Duration: 90 minutes


Stop Landscaping, Start Life-Scaping method application, beginner training.

Duration: 3 sessions 2.5-hours each with homework


Garden Ecology broad overview of landscape integration with existing environments.

Duration: 5 hour live course


Landscaper's Freedom Formula business development training.

Duration: 3-hour course - for new and intermediate business owners

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