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Fine Gardening Service Request

Welcome, and thank you for expressing your interest in our unique Fine Gardening services.

The Garden Continuum specializes in Partnered Landscape Care with homeowners, property managers, and business owners, which allows us to supply landscape management services at the level that’s best for you. It also allows us to align our service specialties with other landscape service providers working on your property. 

In our family of clients, we have active gardeners who spend many hours in their own gardens each month. We have gardeners who would like to spend more time in their landscape, but life situations don’t allow them the time they need to get the work done. We also have clients who appreciate the value of their landscapes and all the pleasure it has to offer and yet have no interest or time for gardening. 

There is no “right” or “wrong” here, just many variations on life-styles and needs.

So, help us understand your landscape needs...

  • Who are you?
  • How can we make our services fit your needs?
  • How do we help transform your landscape into a Life-ScapeTM?

Here are our programs - all customized to fit your landscape’s needs

Our goal is to help you protect and nurture this important element of your property in order to maintain its value.

The best part of our service is that it can change as your needs change. You may have a busy time of the year that keeps you out of the landscape followed by a slow time that lets you garden to your heart’s content. We are here to match our service with the cycles of your busy life while responding to the changes in our environment.

Service Levels

Seasonal Gardener’s Helper Program

  • Perfect for Do-It-Yourself gardeners that need a little boost from a professional hand.
  • Three (3) garden care visits a year – one visit per spring, summer & fall

Essential Gardening Program

  • Perfect for garden dabblers who need full care of small spaces, or for specific gardens in larger landscapes.
  • Six (4-6) garden care visits a year – max visits: 2 spring, 2 summer, 2 fall

Premier Garden Management Program

  • Perfect for homeowners and businesses with simple to moderately complex landscapes. These landscapes have mostly woody ornamentals, moderate perennial and some seasonal interest plantings and planters.
  • Eight (7-10) garden care visits a year during April through November

Stewardship Landscape Management Program

  • Perfect for homeowners and commercial properties with large or diverse and complex landscapes. These landscapes have a mix of ornamental woody plants, many perennial & ground cover plantings, and seasonal plantings – annuals, bulbs, planters.
  • Eleven (11) or more visits a year, sometimes with multiple crews during March through December (weather permitting) with winter care options available

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