Tips for Choosing the Right Size Tree for Your Landscape

Deciduous trees are a versatile, attractive and dynamic element for use in any landscape design because they are powerful players in the environment. These are the trees that have a trunk below and a canopy above. They lose their leaves in winter and go through several changes over the seasons. They create habitat, define space, and offer screening and shade. They build character to the landscape with their many different textures and colors. There’s a wide variety to choose from in any planting zone allowing you to match size, shape and compatibility to your location and project.

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How much sun does your garden have?

To understand the available sun in your garden, map your shade.

Mapping the shade in your landscape is a very useful tool in landscape design. If you want to succeed in your garden endeavors, you are going to need to know where you have sun and where you don't.

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Learn How To Pick Plants For Your Landscape


As we move into the cooler, wetter weather of the autumn season, I encourage you to think about planting new plants in your landscape. Maybe you have been dreaming of a new perennial garden, or contemplating adding some late season or winter interest plants, or maybe you are just eager to fill that one blank spot in your landscape before the snow flies.

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Landscape Field Videos: Maintaining an Urban Landscape

Maintaining an Urban Landscape: Challenges and Solutions

This week, The Garden Continuum's Installation Staff was down in Providence, RI working on a commercial property. TGC designed and installed the landscape which includes dozens of shrubs and trees, multiple walkways and sitting areas, and large perennial and annual beds. Since this property houses many businesses and hundreds of cars and people, we are presented with a variety of landscape challenges. Below, we highlight a few of the challenges we face when maintaining a landscape in an urban environment. Perhaps you face some of these challenges on your own property. If you are interested in seeing more images of the property, check them out below the video.

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How to plant a shrub - Landscape Tips Field Videos


The Garden Continuum's Install Team demonstrates how to plant a shrub. On this particular property, TGC had renovated the garden beds the previous year. For this landscape project, the team is planting six Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko'. The flower has passed but take a look below at how prolific the plant is in full bloom! Like most plants, Deutzia likes to be in the right location. For more information on understanding the sun in your garden, check out "How much sun does your garden have?"

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How to Choose the Perfect Perennial

Whether a seasoned gardener or a novice just starting out in the garden, it is inevitable that you will bump into this question:

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