Landscape Field Videos: How to Prune a Yew

Yew = Taxus in Latin

...and there are many species to choose from. This plant however gets pretty bad reviews time and time again from home and business owners. It is unfair really, because its "ugliness" is not its fault at all! Yews look ugly because they are pruned incorrectly ALL THE TIME! They are sheared to within an inch of their lives - into balls, cones, and even squares. Now what plant out in nature ever grew into the shape of a square? No wonder these poor plants are loathed. Just look at this natural shape and size. What's not to love? This plant is totally hand pruned.

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Landscape Field Videos: Maintaining an Urban Landscape

Maintaining an Urban Landscape: Challenges and Solutions

This week, The Garden Continuum's Installation Staff was down in Providence, RI working on a commercial property. TGC designed and installed the landscape which includes dozens of shrubs and trees, multiple walkways and sitting areas, and large perennial and annual beds. Since this property houses many businesses and hundreds of cars and people, we are presented with a variety of landscape challenges. Below, we highlight a few of the challenges we face when maintaining a landscape in an urban environment. Perhaps you face some of these challenges on your own property. If you are interested in seeing more images of the property, check them out below the video.

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Landscape Field Videos: Proper Pruning Tools and Technique

Proper Pruning Tools and Technique

This week, The Garden Continuum discusses proper pruning tools and technique. Having the right tool for the job and knowing when and how to use them makes a significant difference when it comes time to tackling your pruning tasks. We demonstrate three pruning tools in this video:

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