Tips for Choosing the Right Size Tree for Your Landscape

Deciduous trees are a versatile, attractive and dynamic element for use in any landscape design because they are powerful players in the environment. These are the trees that have a trunk below and a canopy above. They lose their leaves in winter and go through several changes over the seasons. They create habitat, define space, and offer screening and shade. They build character to the landscape with their many different textures and colors. There’s a wide variety to choose from in any planting zone allowing you to match size, shape and compatibility to your location and project.

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How to choose the right plant for your landscape.

Picking Plants is here to help you avoid falling into  the pretty plant trap!
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Learn How To Pick Plants For Your Landscape


As we move into the cooler, wetter weather of the autumn season, I encourage you to think about planting new plants in your landscape. Maybe you have been dreaming of a new perennial garden, or contemplating adding some late season or winter interest plants, or maybe you are just eager to fill that one blank spot in your landscape before the snow flies.

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