5 Driveway Design Tips Guaranteed to Give Your Home the Best Curb Appeal

When talk turns to ways of improving property value and creating more “curb appeal” – the visual attractiveness easily seen when first driving up to a home  – driveways don’t quickly come to mind.

In fact, driveways get little respect in general. Builders often focus on the house and then install a driveway almost as an afterthought – building a straight and narrow driveway with minimal materials to accommodate a vehicle or two and nothing more.

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Landscaping Driveways

Driveway - Eco-Friendly Choices for your Sustainable Landscape

This long driveway in Franklin, Mass is constructed of crushed bank gravel that has been compacted as if asphalt would have been installed over it. It is a solid driving surface yet it drains water right through it. This eco-friendly landscape choice is also beautiful with the lawn edges and tree lined berms.

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