2 Questions to Ask Yourself before a Landscape Design Project

How do I design an outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional?

If you’re looking to create an outdoor space suitable for entertaining and relaxation, you should start by asking yourself two important questions. While these two questions may seem simple at first and easy to answer, often the real answers lie a little deeper and require some amount of reflection and effort.

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Why a Drip Edge is MORE than Smart Landscaping


Ever notice that ugly splash-back of soil that stains the foundation of your home?

Ever have issues with termites or carpenter ants?

Ever get water seepage through your basement?

Ever notice rotted trim, sills, or window frames along the foundation of your house?

These are all the result of moisture retention at the base of your home.

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How to Build a Walkway - Landscape Video Blog

How to Build a Walkway

The Garden Continuum's Design/Build Team finished up a patio project last week in Wellesley. In order to connect the new patio in the backyard, we installed a pea-stone walkway that connects the front of the house to the back patio. Check out the video and pictures below to see the process.

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