Landscape Field Videos: How to Deadhead a Daylily

How to Deadhead a Daylily

Due to the great response we received from our previous blog on How to Deadhead a Daylily, The Garden Continuum went ahead and created a Video HOW-TO on the subject. Many of you found our post helpful and informative and we hope that this video tutorial will add even more insight into rejuvenating your daylily plants.

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How to Renovate Perennial Gardens - Video

How to Renovate Perennial Gardens

Spring and fall are great times to start exploring edits to your perennial gardens! Whether you are looking to move and divide a few plants, add some much needed color, or renovate an entire garden bed, the cooler weather makes it an ideal time to redesign. This week, The Garden Continuum video blog discusses the perennial garden renovation process and shares some how-to tips to help you in your own gardens. Thanks for watching!

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How to Divide Ornamental Grasses

How to Divide Ornamental Grasses

The Garden Continuum is back in action and excited for the 2012 gardening season! This week we wanted to video blog about ornamental grasses. We love to incorporate grasses in the landscape but over time they can become overgrown and less attractive. Spring is a great time to dig them up and divide. Check out the video below for some how-to tips.

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5 Must Do Landscape Tasks for the Spring Garden

The chill in the air is back, but spring is here.

This means there is work to do outside. If you wait until the picture perfect spring weather, you might find yourself with more work than you can accomplish in the time left before plants explode with growth. It is way easier to rake a garden when the perennials aren't up, but some of you may be finding that your plants got a big boost from the 80 degree weather two weeks ago. That's OK. Remember to keep an eye out while raking and steping around in your garden beds.

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Landscape Field Video: How to Prepare a Garden Bed for Planting

How to Prepare a Garden Bed for Planting

This week, The Garden Continuum's Install Staff demonstrates how to prepare a garden bed for planting. On this property in Wellesley, TGC is expanding an existing perennial bed. Old trees and vines were removed from the back of the garden bed to make room for the new plantings. Check out the video below for great garden bed prep tips!

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How to plant a shrub - Landscape Tips Field Videos


The Garden Continuum's Install Team demonstrates how to plant a shrub. On this particular property, TGC had renovated the garden beds the previous year. For this landscape project, the team is planting six Deutzia gracilis 'Nikko'. The flower has passed but take a look below at how prolific the plant is in full bloom! Like most plants, Deutzia likes to be in the right location. For more information on understanding the sun in your garden, check out "How much sun does your garden have?"

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Our Garden Blogging Mission

We hope this blog will provide a place for everyone interested in landscape development to find practical, straight forward information about creating and maintaining the garden of their dreams.

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