Wall Landscaping Ideas

Walls - Retain It then Plant It 

Living on sloped land means needing to be creative about garden design. This retaining wall in Millis, Mass takes advantage of a two and half foot grade change from the driveway to the front yard by adding a stone retaining wall with granite steps going right through it. The planters filled with spring annuals along with trees, shrubs and perennials makes this transitional area a beautiful focal point in the landscape.

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Good Garden Fences Make Good Landscape Neighbors

New Englanders have a love-hate relationship with walls and fences.  We want privacy, but we don’t want to offend.  We want connection with our neighbors, but not too much. Then we shy away from the cost of walls and fences and miss that great opportunity to build ourselves an inner sanctum of beauty and privacy.

In Robert Frost’s poem "Mending Wall" he clearly had the notion to take issue with walls or fences used for the sole purpose of claiming territory.  It was his neighbor who felt strongly that “good fences made good neighbors.”  Frost thought fences were good when one kept cows!

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