3 Easy Ways to Integrate Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

Many homeowners are eager to add outdoor space to their property that integrates nicely with their home. Often this is a great way to expand a home and open up additional living space that flows easily from indoors to outdoors. So what’s the best way to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces so they work well together and are both attractive and functional? Start by thinking inside out. This will provide clues about how to integrate the two.  

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Shade Gardens

Shade Gardens - Flowers Accent a Lush Landscape

This garden in Wellesley, Mass uses all manner of plants to make this landscape into a lush display of color. The carpet of green grass is surrounded by blooming trees and shrubs as well as flowering perennials and ground covers. The success of this vista is in the composition of structure and texture. By mixing woody ornamental plants in with herbaceous plants a spectacular dance ensues that draws you in. Off to the right - just outside the frame of this image - is a sturdy hammock just beckoning for a visit. Can you imagine a rest filled afternoon amidst this garden?

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Landscape Field Videos: Small Spaces-Big Garden Potential

Creating Curb Appeal: Small Spaces-Big Garden Potential

This week, The Garden Continuum shares with you a one day landscape project that transformed a small city garden. We are all faced with space challenges in the landscape and TGC thought this video may help give you some ideas when it comes to tackling your own projects.

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Our Garden Blogging Mission

We hope this blog will provide a place for everyone interested in landscape development to find practical, straight forward information about creating and maintaining the garden of their dreams.

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