How to Renovate Perennial Gardens - Video

How to Renovate Perennial Gardens

Spring and fall are great times to start exploring edits to your perennial gardens! Whether you are looking to move and divide a few plants, add some much needed color, or renovate an entire garden bed, the cooler weather makes it an ideal time to redesign. This week, The Garden Continuum video blog discusses the perennial garden renovation process and shares some how-to tips to help you in your own gardens. Thanks for watching!

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Landscape Field Video: How to Prepare a Garden Bed for Planting

How to Prepare a Garden Bed for Planting

This week, The Garden Continuum's Install Staff demonstrates how to prepare a garden bed for planting. On this property in Wellesley, TGC is expanding an existing perennial bed. Old trees and vines were removed from the back of the garden bed to make room for the new plantings. Check out the video below for great garden bed prep tips!

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